Diaper Care

Three Basic Rules for Diaper Care
1) Wash in cold water with a detergent suitable for washing diapers and/or baby clothes. We recommend a residue free detergent. 
2) Any bleaching agents or whitening additives will cause damage to the waterproofing.
3) Do not use fabric softener, as it reduces absorbency by coating the fabric. Avoid using softening sheets in your dryer for the same reason.

Pre-Wash: A brand new diaper will repel moisture rather than absorb it, it will require several washings before use to remove natural plants oils, fluff up all the fibers and for the diaper to become more absorbent. If the outer cover is dark color, wash with like colors in cold water 2-3 times before use, as it will help to stop the color from bleeding. 

Soiled Diapers: Simply remove the inserts from the pocket and flush away the soil (do not flush the insert). Put the cover and the inserts together in the washer. Inserts can be pre-soaked in cold water for half an hour. Pre-soaking can help remove stains and discoloration. 

Drying Your Diapers: Line drying in direct sunlight is the best disinfectant to prevent diaper rash caused by bacteria. Tumble/machine drying will make your diapers feel nice and soft but do not over dry the outer layer. Also, do not use any softener or softener sheets as that will reduce the absorbency of your inserts. 

Do not use with: creams, ointments or anything that can cause build up even if they advertise it as cloth diaper safe because they will reduce the absorbency of the diapers. To regain absorbency we recommend stripping the diapers by washing them with warm water (not hot) and a tablespoon or two of the blue liquid Dawn dish soap.